[Libreoffice-ux-advise] new range name dialog proposal

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Sun Oct 23 13:54:01 PDT 2011

Hi all, hi ux-advise list!

I hope you're safely back at home ... again, I hope to steal (mainly
Markus) a bit of time to discuss another iteration of the range name

Am Montag, den 12.09.2011, 13:59 +0200 schrieb Markus Mohrhard:
> Hello Kohei, Eike,
> Christoph and I were working on a new layout for the range name
> dialogs at Munich.

So, maybe you remember that I've said that I'm unsure whether adding /
modifying works well, since the user might not be aware about the
dependency about valid ranges and the currently changed range (in the
edit fields below). Moreover, the connection between range and range
options were a bit unclear (a tolerated problem).

However, Markus and myself had an intensive discussion in the train back
from the conference. For example, he had the idea to indicate invalid
ranges by changing the background color of the edit fields. One step
further, this provides new and fresh opportunities ...


The main idea is now, that there is no difference between the currently
selected element in the table above and the entries below. Example: If
the user clicks on an element and starts changing the name, then this
name will be changed "live" in the table above as well. Same for range
options or the expression.

Some more core behavior:
      * If the user wants to add a new name from the Manage Names
        dialog, then we now go to the "Add Names" dialog (that makes
        adding new names really clear).
      * If the user changes a name / expression in the Manage Names
        dialog and this entry is invalid ...
              * then we need to inform the user. The colored background
                of the edit field alone is insufficient, so an
                Information Text line gets added (empty for the default
              * the name / range in the table above stays unchanged
                (last valid entry the user typed). If the user exits the
                filed, then we really need to make him aware of that -
                needs an additional modal dialog.
      * The user should be always able to exit the current change with
        ESC (restores last entry before the started to edit the field).
      * If the user selects more than one entry, then ...
              * we deactivate the text fields (maybe even the Scope
              * Paste (or Insert, no terminology decision yet) inserts
                all selected items.
              * Delete deletes all selected entries.

Additional improvements:
      * We could get rid of the "Modify" button -> improves the number
        and meaning of the buttons
      * Since we need to "reserve" space for the "Information Text"
        above the edit entries, we now can explain the user that he
        might also use formula expressions (if he adds a named range).
        For the rest, I strongly suggest to keep the common naming (for
        Calc and Excel users).
      * Once we do have non-modal messages, the Information Text line
        isn't needed anymore. Same info will be provided via message
        balloons (or similar).

A final note: Please be aware that this is something new to
LibreOffice ... we currently don't have such a dialog concept, although
I find it very promising. What do you think?

If you think it might work fine, then I rework our current wiki page:


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