[Libreoffice-ux-advise] to duplicate an existing style

Rafael Rocha Daud rrdaud at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 15:51:50 PDT 2011

Hi Regina, all,

did you mean we should have three entries: [New], [Child] and 
[Duplicate]? Would this "child style" not be just the same as "new style 
based on..."? Even if so, maybe your naming is clearer: I should know 
that the "child style" keeps a relation with the "parent style": the 
inheritance. This could be clearer and help distinguish between Child 
and Duplicate, since "new style based on..." doesn't imply, at least 
doesn't seem to imply the inheritance relation, so it would be just the 
same as "duplicate".

As for the naming scheme, Christoph, is it really that important? People 
usually change the default names: granted they know what they're doing, 
any name would fit. The thing is: people don't always know what they're 
doing regarding to styles, so what could we do to make it more transparent?
With that in mind, I believe we should stress the inheritance logic in 
all ways we can: "My Style (duplicate) (n)" as default name for 
Duplicate, and "New (inherited from My Style) (n)" -- a modified form of 
your advanced proposal on that -- could be more suitable than just 
naming "Untitled" or "Unnamed" as it is today for new styles which get 
inheritance. The thing is: inheritance is permanent, so if you say 
"based on" one might think the parent style don't influence the child 
style anymore after creation. Maybe "New (Child of My Style) (n)" would 
be an even better aproach.
That's what I think, but I didn't get quite well your rejection of "New 
(based on My Style) (n)" and what you meant by "flooding LibO with wrong 
information". Could you explain this a little further?

And about the style preview: do you think we need a preview of all 
styles at the same time? In MSOffice it is like that, but they can only 
show a handful of styles at once. I'm not sure if it's useful to preview 
all styles like that. We could though still have our list, and only 
preview the style that is selected on that list. It would still allow to 
compare to the current applied style -- which is already visible in the 
text itself.


Em 10-09-2011 12:49, Regina Henschel escreveu:
> Hi Astron,
> Astron schrieb:
> [..]
>> Okay, I'll try to specify this now:
>> [New]
>> # inherit from "default style" (user can change this later)
>> # no new definitions (empty organiser, except for, as proposed above,
>> the separators indicating inherited definitions)
>> [Duplicate]
>> # inherit from the same style the original style inherited from
>> # copy all definitions from the original style
> How to make a chain? For example "text body" -> "list" -> "numbering 
> 1" -> "numbering 1 End". I know how to make it, but how should the UI 
> look, to make it easy and understandable to normal users? Your 
> proposal does not solve the problem "I want a list, but the last list 
> item needs a larger spacing to the next paragraph." Perhaps a third 
> entry [child] is needed.
> Kind regards
> Regina

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