[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Header and Footers separators design

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Tue Sep 13 00:12:00 PDT 2011

Hello Christoph,

On Mon, 2011-09-12 at 22:07 +0200, Christoph Noack wrote:
> Am Montag, den 12.09.2011, 09:51 +0200 schrieb Cedric Bosdonnat:
> > >       * Proposal: The whole button should act as a menu, so the vertical
> > >         divider can go --> greatly simplifies to "hit" the button (sorry
> > >         for mentioning that late)
> > 
> > Ok, let's do that... that'll require a few code changes... but nothing
> > too complex.
> Cool, that will help a lot!

Just did it yesterday night.

> > >       * Refined contrast by making a light blue / dark blue line -->
> > >         unusual line for LibO (means people might notice that it's some
> > >         markup)
> > 
> > I can't understand what you mean here... Can you give me some details?
> Yes, I've used a line (middle color, full stroke, see below) as a
> background and added another one (dark color, narrow dashed) at the top.
> This will work on all kinds of backgrounds (dark and bright, even
> changing), and is visually more pleasing (no hard contrast changes like
> for simple dashed lines).

Ok I see: indeed it makes sense and isn't too hard to draw another line

> > Don't forget that those colors are configured, is there any way to
> > compute one of the two colors form the other one?
> Yep, although I had to note the Inkscape changes the colors strangely
> when simply switching between pages in the the color definition
> dialog ... so the given colors were slightly wrong, sorry!
> I've "picked" the original color "a2dcfd" (middle color for the bottom)
> and used the HSL color model to add 20 (range: 0...255) and the result
> is "caebfe" (bright color for the top). If small variations occur, then
> this doesn't matter at all. Does that help?

Sure it helps, but I assume you added the 20 to the Luminance value, is
that right? I'll see what happens for colors with colors with a hight

> > >       * (Anti-aliasing due to my graphics program)
> > 
> > Hum, I'll try to play with the OutputDevice configuration, it may be a
> > bit to change to get it Anti-Aliased.
> Oh, thanks! I've just wanted to mention that my graphics program does
> anti-aliased output only, so that might be the cause for further
> differences in the original / improved version. But if anti-aliasing
> works, that would be awesome ...

I'll have a look at this: AA is implemented in LO basic output layers,
let's use it.

> @ Astron: Just an explanation for the "+" sign. We've used the icon from
> Calc for "New Sheet". The green on blue doesn't work well, that's right,
> but it conforms to the rest of the icon set. But, I don't have strong
> feelings on that ... so using a black icon is fine! Let's try it :-) 
> So, Astron, thanks for the cool input! :-)
> And Cedric, thanks for the cool output! ;-)
> Mmh, shouldn't we soon put together a blog post about that? The initial
> discussions, the nice hackfest work, the final outcome with lots of
> (tiny but) helpful features? What do you both think?

Sure, I was thinking about it... and of course put write up on the 3.5
new features wiki page.

Cédric Bosdonnat
LibreOffice hacker
OOo Eclipse Integration developer

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