[Libreoffice-ux-advise] embedding palettes etc. ...

Astron heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 14 12:49:54 PDT 2011


Before making a suggestion, her are three questions:
1. What's the file size penalty for embedded palettes?
2. Are there possible privacy concerns when embedding, e.g., patterns?
3. Does your addition embed the entire palette or does it make a diff
against the default palette?

If the answers go something like "typically 2 KB or less (depending on
what the user adds)," "not really" and "a diff," then this would be my
suggestion: embed it and don't add anything to the UI.
We should aim for maximum document fidelity and if a document has the
wrong colours on a different LibO installation, that doesn't really

>>       In an ideal world, we'd have some (easy to implement) central place for
>> embedding things into the document: perhaps File->Properties or some
>> equivalent that would show you:
>>       * embedded palette, fill bitmap, hatch, line-dash etc.
>>       * embedded media files [ I'll try to dig into this next ;-]

Shouldn't that work already? (The last time I tried there was a bug
where video clips would only play if they weren't embedded into the
document, nevertheless you could embed them.)

>>       * embedded gallery [ also a wish-list ]
>>       * embedded related data files [ deep-future wish-list ]
> Sure, but here each solution will sub-optimal, since we miss an easy way
> to separate "document" and "meta data". One thing that's really cool in
> Office 2010 is the backstage view doing that nicely ... at the moment,
> the File Properties dialog seems to fit best ...

I sadly don't see a good place for this in the dialogue today (but in
general I agree with your train of thought). The setting would
probably have to live on a new tab there. However, we will have to
live with the fact that users won't expect the setting there.
As a makeshift measure, maybe you could add a checkbox ("Embed palette
into current document") to "Options > LibreOffice > Colors." (I know
this is an extremely awful solution and I don't like it myself, but I
think it conforms to LibO's slightly crazy current logic.)

> Okay, could you please (if there is no quick solution) rename the
> checkbox to "Embed into document" (or something like that) and move it
> to the lower right?

Agree, that makes it more understandable.



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