[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Hiding/Showing the page breaks in writer

Olivier R. olivier.noreply at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 06:22:49 PDT 2011


Le 17/09/2011 14:38, Christoph Noack a écrit :

> As I said, the line could be kept (either always, or being a formatting
> aid), but needs more explanation (doable if non-printing characters are
> "on").

Oh, you were speaking of an option for page/column breaks as np-chars, 
right? That would make it quite strange to handle. If I understand you 
properly, we would have to display np-chars and switch options to 
disable every np-chars, except page/column breaks.
Well, that would be better than nothing, but very counter-intuitive, 
especially for those who may find useful to switch the display mode often.

> And, the behavior/visualization you are referring to is clearly the less
> WYSIWYG draft mode we lack since quite some time ...

Actually, a draft mode is unuseful for me. ;) But I have seen the draft 
mode requested several times also. I don’t really understand why some 
people (OK, “some” is not precise) find this mode so useful.

> Well, the "some of us" is my question here - looking at the major
> userbase of LibO, the question is always which part of the users
> benefits from what decision (or gets worried).

I can’t say much more than “some of us”, as I have no statistics, but I 
haven’t seen anything which suggests that the new decisions about breaks 
with np-chars are based on something else than others preferences, so I 
hope you don’t mind if I try to defend a different point of view. ;) The 
only thing I am sure is I am not alone to feel concerned by this. Are we 
very numerous ou just a few, I don’t know. We were just more numerous 
than others on the French ml, but with such low numbers, hard to be sure 
of what the majority thinks.


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