[Libreoffice-ux-advise] UX: access protect/unprotect sheet from sheet tab

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Sun Sep 25 04:23:55 PDT 2011

Hi Astron!

Am Samstag, den 10.09.2011, 16:43 +0200 schrieb Astron:
> Hi back,
> thanks, Christoph and Olivier! uno:protect is well within the upper
> ten percent of functions used (9000-odd uses), so I'd say: add it (if
> no one wants to defend status quo now).

Cool, thanks for having a look ...

> And Christoph, you're right, the menu is in a bit of disarray. I think
> at least part of what is causing this is the position of "Select All
> Sheets".
> This is a proposal how it of a structure that might be better:
> -----------------------
> Insert sheet...
> Delete sheet...
> Rename sheet...
> Change Tab Color...
> Protect Sheet...
> Sheet events...
> -----------------------
> Select all sheets
> -----------------------
> Cut
> Copy
> Paste
> -----------------------
> Basically, it's sorted like this:
> # sheet-specific events (I know "insert" is not really specific to
> this particular sheet): first the basics, then customisation
> # one all-sheets event
> # finally: Cut/Copy/Paste, as usual in LibO.
> And note that I've changed the tab colour entry to include a verb
> (because most of the other entries already include one).

Thanks for the proposal and the thoughts you've put into it ... please
allow a few remarks.

In the context menus I've created, I tried to move "Delete" to a
separate position, either by moving it to the top/bottom, or by
separating it via separator lines. My rationale was to avoid unintended
deletion if the user wanted to click on one of the surrounding elements
used more often ... on the other hand, we force the user to confirm the
deletion of a sheet (I don't know why: undo not working, deletion
feedback not available...). So I agree to your proposal, since
Insert/Delete belong together as well.

Good thoughts about the verbs, mmh, "Sheet events..." is the same ... In
this special case, I would say that "Tab Color..." might be grasped
faster, since "Change" is something rather generic.

Finally, the Cut/Copy/Paste should be made the top entries in the long
run - for all context menus.

And for the reasons of completeness, we need title capitalization.

So my proposal:
>     Insert Sheet...
>     Delete Sheet...
>     Rename Sheet...
>     Tab Color...
> [x] Protect Sheet...
>     Sheet Events...
> -----------------------
>     Select All Sheets
> -----------------------
>     Cut
>     Copy
>     Paste
> -----------------------

Finally, don't you also think that the menu item behavior of "Tools >
Protect Document > [x] Sheet... " is a bit strange. Nothing to change
now, but checkbox plus dialog is weird.



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