[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Bug 44216: Drag and Drop Slides distorts object's height/width ratio

Ivan Timofeev timofeev.i.s at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 07:07:53 PST 2012

Hi Astron,

On 17.02.2012 21:41, Stefan Knorr (Astron) wrote:
> Not ideal, but yes, seems like a reasonable and easy fix.

OK, thank you! BTW I found that it is not *so* easy...

> I have taken a look at the existing message (it only appears when
> Ctrl-C'ing the slide and then Ctrl-V'ing it) and I find it not ideal.
> (It asks for Yes/No/Cancel, which is a labour-saving but
> user-confusing artefact of Win GUIs.) I'll try to think of something,
> maybe...

Hmm, is there any possible alternative?

> IMHO, the real bug is something else, though: you can't have different
> slide/page sizes in Draw and Impress.


Best Wishes,

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