[Libreoffice-ux-advise] page borders (bug 52327)

Daniel Mania daniel.mania at umb.no
Wed Sep 5 01:45:20 PDT 2012

Hei hei!

For the first time since I work with LibreOffice, I tried to make Calc 
print what I want, instead of what Calc wants ... and the result is not 
very encouraging.
I have a document with 4 columns and 20 rows, that are smaller than my 
paper format A4. I'd like Calc to scale those cells to paper width, 
without me having to care about their actual size.
Playing with "Print Ranges" and "Scaling mode" could not get me there. 
The only thing that seemed to work was "Reduce/enlarge printout" and 
figuring out the right "Scaling factor" manually.
But there are two problems with this:
1) Scaling affects _everything_ and can lead to cell boarders 
disappearing (not on the screen but on the printout)
2) Manual adjustments are time consuming, especially for multiple 
documents with multiple sheets

So far, I only see "page borders" as the solution. The user has to 
format the content accordingly. And that is only possible when the page 
borders are _always_ visible.

Btw., in the page preview, the page format can be reached by clicking on 
a "Format Page" button, or right click "Page Layout ...". Is there a 
reason why the same thing has two different names?

nag-niel M

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