[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Patch] [Feature] Gradient Fill for Cells in Calc

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Mon Sep 10 00:56:55 PDT 2012

Hi Muthu,

Muthu Subramanian K píše v Po 03. 09. 2012 v 13:04 +0530:

> I have attached a first cut patch for the gradient fill for cells.
> I initially tried using only the 'Gradient' tab from the area fill 
> dialog - but it was too tightly tied to it.
> On the other hand probably we might want to include the other fill 
> styles (and other tabs in the area dialog) for cells in calc too (?).

Wow - I love the screenshot, thanks so much! :-)  It was your HackWeek
project, wasn't it? - nice work.

> Pending issues (afaik):
> 1. Import/Export it to the ods format
> 2. Import/Export to xlsx format
> 3. Remove color tab from the format cell dialog
> 4. Implement 'no fill' option in area fill dialog
> 5. Testing: There could very well be bugs with this patch - I haven't
>     done an extensive testing.
> 6. Minor (for documentation sake): Background color is set without
>     testing if the user selected it or not. if(set) is required there.
> I would be really nice if somebody (both from calc and ux team) could 
> review this patch, please?

I don't feel like I should be approving the code, letting it to the Calc
guys...  Eike, Moggi, Kohei? :-)

Thank you,

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