[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Finding a UX dev

Michel Renon michel.renon at free.fr
Wed Apr 3 13:39:19 PDT 2013


Le 01/04/2013 23:49, Mirek M. a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> Compared to competitors, LibreOffice is lagging behind in terms of UX,
> and, unfortunately, it seems like relatively little development is
> happening in that area, often relegated to GSoC projects and Easy Hacks,
> which don't always get picked up.
> The UI is one of the most common targets of complaints about
> LibreOffice. I'm certain many would be willing to pay a developer to
> work on UX-related bugs full-time. We could draw up a Kickstarter campaign.
> So, I'm wondering, is there a volunteer developer or a former GSoC
> student who might be up to the task?

To create such a campaign, TDF should have something to show in order to 
say "would you help us to pay someone to develop that ?". Something 
similar to a complete business plan ("here is what we plan to build, how 
we plan to build it, how much it will cost and how we plan to give back 
to investors").
AFAIK, for LibreOffice UI, there is nothing : no roadmap, no prototype, 
no vision, nothing serious and official about a future UI for 
LibreOffice. And before asking a dev to code something for UI, there 
must be some strong work at the UX design level.
So I think that it's not possible to start such a campaign today. It 
will be interesting only when TDF defines a complete UX roadmap.

I'm writing a list of articles about LO design process that will fully 
complete my answer. I'll publish them on my blog in few days.


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