[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Help to make it possible to add custom animation to Master Slides.

Janit Anjaria janit92 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 12:01:20 PDT 2013


I have been looking into this bug/feature( and others too ;) ) since quite
a time and have figured out ways to overcome and solve this bug which LO

-->Yes, i am talking about bug#41572 :


-->I have seen and dig into the bug quite a lot and also into the
matter.And got a patch that has dealt with the same but it hasnt been
complete(that is what i suppose,or it has not solved the full purpose.) :


I have understood and have tried to digest the code in this patch and have
almost understood the workflow(flow of logic/concept).

But there have been certain places where i think i am not yet cent percent
clear and would like to get some guidance from your end.

--> Line#2995 :

BOOL AnimationTabPage::FillItemSet( SfxItemSet& rItemSet )

The function defined here is something that is not digestable and is
creating ambiguity for me.

--> Line#3022 :

void AnimationTabPage::Reset( const SfxItemSet& rSet )

-->I think after going through about 3800 lines of code there,i am in
a dilemma about the actual concept of Presets and SfxItemSets.

It would be great if someone could provide me an indepth conceptual
clarity on that so i can move ahead and plan to add something other
than something that has already been worked on.

And i think once i am more-n-more clear with it i can redo the reading
and grasping of the already existing patch so as to guide me on the
path to move ahead.

-->Apart from making it possible to add all the animation(esp. custom
animation effects) to the master slide..i would also like to suggest
something extra which can improve the utility of the feature.

-->We can provide something like a popup/box,etc. that can provide a
user to select the slide no. as well as the textbox no. upon which
he/she wants to apply the corresponding CustomAnimation Effect.

This is something that is not a part of the code in the
patch(according to what i have interpreted,because it deals with
various other animation effects as well),and this can surely act like
a cherry on the cake and solve the purpose of this feature in the most
efficient manner.(because that is something the indepth meaning of the

It would be great if someone can also help me out on this(in terms of
code pointers for the UI,as well for the concept part) so i can start
digging the code more-n-more and contribute to this project in the
most efficient manner.

Any other suggestions are welcome,and i am sure it would be a boon as
it would help me to enhance this crusial feature in the best possible


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