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           Summary: Feedback for Expert Configuration GSoC project
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         Component: ux-advise
           Product: LibreOffice

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Screenshot, for everyone that doesn't have a recent nightly handy.

Hi Gürkan, Thorsten,

so, first things first: when I said on the call today that the Expert Config
page of the LibreOffice options was crashing for me – that was my fault. I had
not made dev-install again. Mea culpa.

Following here are my impressions of the options page:

1. It's pretty nice already – once you can edit options, it should be pretty

2. The second most important feature is a filter bar. (I trust you've thought
  of that already.) If that's not there, people will be very annoyed with this
  functionality very soon. The filter bar should be the thing initially
  receiving focus when one first visits the page/opens the window. Also, it
  should not just work when you're typing the first few letters, it should also
  search in the middle of words.

3. The first thing that I noticed were the scrollbars – you must have noticed
  too – I think this page could profit a lot from having its own window,
  notably one that is resizable. Similar to Thunderbird's implementation of
  about:config, I'd just add a Expert Configuration button to the Advanced
  tab of the options.

4. If you think that an own window does not make sense, then please remove the
  Gtk frame with the "Preferences" label – it really does not add anything in
  terms of context and steals a few precious pixels of space.

5. Further on the topic of scrollbars, it would be nice if there were only a
  horizontal scrollbar, just ellipsise ("…") content that tries to be wider.
  At least, that should be the default – if people want vertical scrollbars,
  they should be allowed to widen the column headers.

6. Currently, all category headers have little triangles for sorting in them
  – that doesn't make a lot of sense, only one of them should (otherwise, you
  are communicating that you are sorting by all column headers).

7. On the topic of those triangles: they look fairly non-standard to me –
  native theming would be really nice here, but I realise this might be out of
  scope for this project.

8. The "org.openoffice.Office" part in most(?)/all(?) preferences is a waste
  of space. It would be cool if this part could be removed somehow. If any
  extensions use other namespaces, you could just leave their namespacing in –
  it's a bit inconsistent, but no one will blame us for preferring our own
  namespace, I hope.

9. I don't know if it makes sense to give string arrays a type of "[]string"
  – maybe, since there seem to be no other types of arrays, it might make sense
  to just name this type "array"?

10. If all that is done, we should sacrifice some main-UI options. I think
  axing all the "experimental" options might be a good first start. :)

That's it for right now. Overall, it's very nice work. Thanks to
both of you.


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