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Mirek M. mazelm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 07:14:10 PDT 2013

Hi guys,
We're in the middle of redesigning our icon set and I was wondering:
Since the shape icons in the Symbolic icon set have the same silhouette as
the ones in the Tango testing set, could someone just make a script to
automatically make the Tango testing shape icons based on the Symbolic
shape icons?

The process in Inkscape would be:
1) Take the shape and apply a linear gradient fill from #729fcf to #3465a4
from top to bottom.
2) Duplicate the shape four times.
3) Add a 4px stroke to one duplicate, which I'll call the "Highlight Shape".
4) Add a 2px stroke to another duplicate, which I'll call the "Outline
Shape". I'll call the other two duplicates "Temporary Shape".
5) Convert the stroke of "Highlight Shape" and "Outline Shape" to a path.
6) Do an intersection of "Highlight Shape" with a "Temporary Shape" and
"Outline Shape" with the other "Temporary Shape". I'll call the resulting
shapes "Highlight" and "Outline" respectively.
7) Duplicate "Outline".
8) Do a difference of the duplicate of "Outline" with "Highlight". We'll
call the resulting shape "Highlight 2".
8) Make "Outline" black with 40% opacity.
9) Fill "Highlight 2" with a linear gradient from white with 40% opacity to
white with 0% opacity from top to bottom.

Now, this only works for flat shapes without inner labels, but it could
still save a lot of time.
And, later, the script could be tuned for 3d shapes and shapes with labels
as well.
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