[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 68071] Editing: give non-printing characters a color different from the text

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--- Comment #3 from Mirek2 <mazelm at gmail.com> ---
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> Hi all,
> thanks Mirek – sounds like a great idea. Maybe, since it would be less
> conspicuous then, we could enable the non-printing characters by default?

I wouldn't like them enabled by default (in many cases, they would just be
unnecessary clutter).
However, iWork shows paragraph symbols on text highlight, indicating whether
you're selecting the line break or not. Perhaps we could do that?

> Also, how about using the normal selection colour (in most cases that's
> blue, maybe except on Ubuntu where it's orange) at half the opacity as the
> colour?

I'm a bit concerned about the visibility of the characters. I'm not sure we can
always rely on the selection color providing enough contrast, especially at 50%
opacity. A single solid color would be easier to manage if bugs were to arise.

I can suggest the color #6abed3 for now, but please feel free to suggest
different ones.

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