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--- Comment #10 from Emir Sarı <emir_sari at msn.com> ---
Okay, now I will try to explain why this is so important for LibreOffice from
the point of view of a MS Office switcher. I cannot *comfortably* suggest LO to
MS Office users, especially heavy Word users, because first thing they will
notice is the lack of this feature. And I know that they will bug about this,
because I've had this conversation already several times. 

Imagine, you are writing a nice report, something or whatever, it is not
important. You want your document to look nice with paragraphs nicely stacked
and listed. You have lots of sub-sections on your document, lots of lists,
bullets, numberings etc. The first thing you will want to do is arrange these
sections, so that one reading your document will understand what is going on
there. Eventually you have a ruler, so you will want to use it first. You were
already using this ruler for years in MS Word, because it allowed you to
arrange document elements with ease and with 0.0 pixel perfection. But when you
start to drag the ruler in Writer, you will notice something odd, ruler is not
snapping to grids in LO. What?! So you won't be able to arrange items with
pre-set length variables, you have to go to Paragraph dialog box, and set each
thing manually, - without any or less visual aid. I don't even mention the
number of extra clicks to do this. 

This is probably one of the biggest usability and UX issues LO (OOo, AOO) ever
had. Speaking of novice users, no one will bother to look for the Paragraph
dialog box, instead they will get irritated about this and probably they will
switch back to MS Office, if they have no sense of FOSS or if they do not have
financial concerns. 

I hope this will get some attention from the developers' side, because this is
really a serious issue, and it is simply unbelievable to see this wasn't
addressed in 20 years. At least this could be an Easy Hack. There has been some
noise about this on AOO side, it is possible to check with them also. 

I hope there is someone with some free time to hack on this. :) 

I rest my case... 
Best regards,

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