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Hi Artur,

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 3:21 AM, Artur Dryomov <artur.dryomov at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Mirek,
> I finished all main parts of the application this weekend, so it would be
> great if you could review the whole application ;-) I have updated
> screenshots.

Great! I downloaded the APK from
I could only test this on a tablet I borrowed, I hope someone
will test this on a phone as well.
Here are all the usability bugs I found:
1) When the app can't find any connections, it just shows a loading wheel.
The user can't be sure whether the app is stuck or just searching for
2) It might be helpful to tell the user how to connect, especially with the
wifi connection.
3) What does the "Add Computer" button actually do? Is it for manually
adding a computer when the automatic detection fails? Is it wifi-only? (If
so, it should only appear on the WiFi tab.) This should be made clearer.
4) Rotating the device when on the code screen shouldn't cause a loading
wheel to appear.
5) The animation between the slide view and the overview takes too long.
6) When accidentally exiting, reconnecting should be immediate.
7) I couldn't figure out how to set the timer.
8) Choosing a slide from the overview should automatically enter the Slide
view at that slide.
9) If the presentation is not in Slide Show mode on the computer, the
device should say so. In this case, it shouldn't show the Overview button
and the action bar should read the name of the computer on which
LibreOffice runs.
10) The slide size in the overview should be maximized.
11) Slides should occupy as much of the screen as possible. The shadow
should surround to slide.
12) Tapping a slide should make the slide bounce a bit to the left and
reveal a sliver of the next slide, to indicate that one should slide to
move to the next slide, not tap.
13) If the slide advances on screen (not by using the remote, e.g. by mouse
click or right/left arrows), it should advance on the remote as well.
14) Please highlight the current slide in the slide overview.
15) I wonder if the "spread out from center" animation when entering a
subscreen is avoidable. A slide-in animation from the right would be
preferable, given that the up button points left, indicating that the
parent is on the left.
16) Some of the wording could be shorter. [1] "Name is optional" is
preferable to "Name is optional -- IP address would be used instead if you
wish." and the label should appear left-aligned right below the Name field,
to show that it's related. Try "Type in a valid IP address." instead of
"You should type a valid IP address."

Is the ability to use the volume buttons to advance slides gone? I can't
find it anywhere... The same for blank screens.
I couldn't get Notes to appear. Also, rotating the device in presentation
mode does nothing/causes a crash. And Bluetooth didn't work for me.
So all of these things I couldn't test.

Some things that should be added in the future, but are probably out of
scope for this GSoC:
* Showing on-click elements when sliding to the next slide.
* Being able to tap on clickable areas on the slide.
* Showing a countdown, possibly below the slide, when the slide advances or
when an object animates based on a preset timer.

I might have a few more comments and possibly screenshots later.

BTW, it would be great if you or anyone reading this could download the APK
and try to let a non-techy friend figure out how to use the device without
helping them in any way. (If they can't figure it out, if it takes them too
long, or if they're annoyed by how the app works, then that should be

[1] http://developer.android.com/design/style/writing.html
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