[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 71349] Add option to allow user to have more than 10 Most Recent Documents listed

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MrBean <wrogerwroger at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from MrBean <wrogerwroger at gmail.com> ---
Just because you have a different opinion to me, about my perspective, doesn't
make you wrong.

Some people want 2013 style thinking, to go with 2013 filing systems and 2013
hard drives, and the volumes of files that are run in 2013.

Some people think staying stuck in Windoze 95 with 1995 thinking is their way
of doing things and that everyone else must abide by what they think, no matter
how obstructive or inefficent this way of operating actually is.

I choose to improve, and I am not the least offended if you choose  think

But the important priority stays, because it is important and because I say so.

It's my idea and I have been pushing for it for like 7 years now.

There is nothing wrong with being difficult, obstructive, living in the past or
aggrandising your own ideas over those of the others.

Progressive ideas, well just because every body in every peicce of software, by
every producer is still stuck in the Windoze 95 mentality - with ONLY 10 files
listed in the most recently used list - does not make it right, relevant or
worth bothering with.

I am quite sure that you will agree that looking like a bunch of "me too"
retards, is actually the worst thing you can do to down grade the image of
competative modern software.

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