[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 72176] Calc default zoom level is too high, could use more screen estate

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--- Comment #4 from Emir Sarı <bitigchi at openmailbox.org> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> I don't understand the logic behind this. Why do we want bigger default
> icons (bug 68174) and smaller content size? And FWIW I already struggle
> trying to see things at 100 % with my myopia. But putting my visual
> deficiencies aside, I don't find it logical to not use "100 %" as a default
> zoom level. What's next, using 75 % for Writer? I don't think a window is
> meant to display all of a sheet's content by default, that's why scrollbars
> exist.

We need bigger default icons, because small icons look really awful (at least
on Mac systems). And there is not much difference on pixels they use.

It is not about smaller content size, it is about showing more content. In
Writer it is essential to show big content to have more control on it, but in
Calc we need more content displayed on screen. When I look at Calc, I remember
my first computer with 1024x768 resolution and me trying to learn Excel 95 on

BTW, Office uses 2.29cm column width by default, Calc uses 2.26cm but looks
bigger. Instead of setting zoom ratio, default view ratio could also be altered
alternatively. Office uses 100% by default.

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