[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 77261] Cut / Copy / Paste buttons clutter the standard toolbar while encouraging poor practices

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--- Comment #8 from Daniel Hulse <simplecontrast at gmail.com> ---
Heiko the data in the link you attached is interesting, but I'm not sure it
really contradicts what I'm saying. 2.5%, 4.1%, and 0.6% are the percentage of
clicks for each, which I'm willing to bet it's a low proportion compared to the
the total amount cutting and pasting as a whole. Furthermore, while these
functions in the MS Office ribbon, I think it's of note that they aren't in the
toolbars of Apple Pages or Google Docs. I agree that the whole of the standard
toolbar needs to be reevaluated.

JBF this isn't punishment. If having these entries in the toolbar is critical
for your work-flow, you can re-enable them. In addition, your problem with
using touchpads would be totally avoided through keyboard shortcuts. "From my
point-of-view, the main role of a toolbar is to make visible the most important
functions of the software" is a very simplistic take on ux-visual hierarchy. If
that's the role of the toolbar, then why don't we let users edit text straight
from the toolbar? I'll tell you why: because the page is a much, much more
appropriate place to edit text from. The same logic applies to an extent to
cutting and pasting.

Cut and Paste functions are given a prominent place in the right-click menu.
It's pretty much a universal thing across operating systems that the
right-click menu has cut and paste functionality. No user is going to be
wondering if the cut or paste buttons are in a right click menu--they're always
there. In fact, using right-click menus is central to cutting and pasting
everywhere else: File managers, web browsers, image editors, and most other
kinds of software keep cut and paste functionality prominently in the right
click menu. In addition, it's always in the EDIT menu and has some fairly
easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. So adding a toolbar entry to make the
functionality even more prominent is unnecessary and contrived.  

Note that this change would be in alignment with ux-minimalism.

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