[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 77261] Cut / Copy / Paste buttons clutter the standard toolbar while encouraging poor practices

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--- Comment #13 from Stefan Knorr (astron) <heinzlesspam at gmail.com> ---
So, I fundamentally agree with the second argument from the description:
   The Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons "could cause some confusion for new
   users, since the user must know exactly where the cursor is in order
   to paste something there"
It happens to me too, occasionally.

I am mostly ambivalent about the first and third reason Daniel gives.

Now, the context menu is indeed not known to everybody. Especially Mac users,
used to one-button mouses don't always know that anything like the context menu
exists. And given how plenty of people seem to be unable to use a computer
beyond some specific instructions they were given during their training, I'd
say the context menu is at least not too obvious.

However, Microsoft Office 2010 introduced a floating, half-transparent toolbar
widget* that would help us out here:
+ close to the text cursor => precise, quick
+ always visible => obvious
=> it would be possible to remove the toolbar icons

The caveat of this solution is that it requires some grace in displaying the
toolbar, maybe even a little animation. LibreOffice does not do well in this
area currently. (See the still-jerky animations of the Header/Footer
It might also need some fine-tuning (hide if the user hasn't moved the mouse
for 5 seconds etc.), to make it unobtrusive.

* If you're on Linux, try Bijiben aka GNOME Notes. It has a formatting
  toolbar that works somewhat similar to the Office toolbars, but only
  appears when text is selected.

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