[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 77261] Cut / Copy / Paste buttons clutter the standard toolbar while encouraging poor practices

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--- Comment #16 from Daniel Hulse <simplecontrast at gmail.com> ---
Cut and paste buttons are not vital. They are always in the contextual menu. I
challenge you do find an instance where they aren't. Why should Libreoffice
encourage a workflow for this function that is different from most other

Cutting and Pasting are not the same kind of "important functions" as creating
a new document, opening, saving, or even opening the navigator or another
important widget because they are necessarily contextual. There is no way of
cutting or pasting that doesn't rely on either selecting something with the
mouse or having the cursor in a specific location. The poor practice that
placing this functionality in the toolbar encourages is not placing the cursor
in the correct spot before pasting something into the document, which can be

"I wouldn’t like LibreOffice becoming another dumbed-down app! Honestly!"
Really? Are you saying you want LibreOffice to be complicated and difficult to

As for Mac users, they can use keyboard shortcuts and the global menu, just
like they would in iWork.

"So we can expect proposals too to remove buttons to insert a table, an
autotext, a chart, insert a whatever ?"
No, because there isn't a better, commonly used way to do that like there is
with copy and paste. At the same time, though, why shouldn't we be scrutinizing
what buttons go in the standard toolbar? If you look in the links Heiko added,
you'll find that it mentions in the conclusions that "toolbars should be tidied
up, e.g. removing some seldom used function or merging some functions." The
standard toolbar is beyond full--just look at what happens when you make the
window take up half the page: Many important buttons are hidden, making that
section of the toolbar nearly useless. In addition, how do you think it feels
for a new user to open up LibreOffice and see a wall of icons? It's
intimidating, and prevents people from actually learning what all the buttons

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