[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 73263] ACCESSIBILITY: cell highlighting invisible to colorblind people. use blue as default and/or make color customizable

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Mon Feb 3 16:44:33 PST 2014


--- Comment #12 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---

To close this out, could we ask you to insert Astron's suggested 0xef0fff, into
the default color array aAutoColors[] in colorcfg.cxx


@@ -447,1 +447,1
++        0xef0fff, // CALCREFERENCE

That should be all that is needed to change the default 'automatic' assignment
for Calc references from the COL_LIGHTRED (0xff0000) constant from

Right? Or did I miss something in the enum in colorcfg.hxx?

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