[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 75045] sidebar: Remove pointless controls from Paragraph panel

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Tue Feb 25 08:16:06 PST 2014


--- Comment #8 from Mirek2 <mazelm at gmail.com> ---
About removing labels:
Please don't. The icons for the commands are relatively hard to interpret, and
the labels help massively. In fact, it would be useful to separate spacing and
indentation further visually -- perhaps have them in separate rows rather than
next to each other.

About removing indentation buttons: Good idea, but it would be useful to
increment and decrement by the same amount (1.25 cm in my case) in the spin box

About removing spacing buttons: Please do. These buttons are misleading -- they
don't increase or decrease the spacing; they don't affect spacing at all.
Rather, they only increase/decrease the space before and after a paragraph,
which the spin boxes are sufficient for. (It would also be useful to move the
line spacing drop-down and spin box from the spacing popover right into the
sidebar, and get rid of the popover.)

About making the background color button smaller: I agree that the dimensions
could be different -- the current ones, 64x12, seem haphazard and don't really
fit in. However, given the space available, it's useful to have a size greater
than the tiny rectangle that would be available in the toolbar -- for faster

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