[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 84848] TOOLBAR: Removal/Hiding of cut, copy, paste in the standard toolbar

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--- Comment #13 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Timur from comment #11)
> I deployed LibreOffice to 500 users. I'm sure that just 1% use keyboard
> shortcuts and that's Ctrl-C and Crtl-V only. 

What percentage of those users use the context menu for clipboard? Do these
users know that clipboard functions are available in multiple locations? Do
these users know how to copy and paste in other applications that dont have
clipboard buttons?

> I find myself advanced user and I still use toolbar or menu for
> Paste-Special.

Paste special is now in the context menu thanks to Cor. :D

> So, when looking at the results, they can be weighted: if advanced users
> don't use advanced functions in toolbar, OK, you can move it, but please
> don't move some basic icons: cut, copy, paste.

No doubt these are basic icons, but these basic features can be operated in 5
different ways - 1) edit menu, 2) toolbar buttons, 3) shortcut keys, 4) context
menu, 5) drag and drop. Othe basic icons like open, save, and print can only be
activated in 3 ways (menu, toolbar, shortcut key). So eliminating the less used
method of accessing the clipboard functions from the toolbar is a benefit to
everyone, as it allows other highly used buttons functions to be added which
users primarily go into the menu to access.

(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #12)
> Plus: having no objection to remove something, doesn't mean that the people
> would object if it is _not_ removed ..

Yes they are indifferent of the change, which means less people to yell at us
for the change. :D

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