[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 86049] MENUS: Addition of keyboard shortcuts for insert and delete rows and columns

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Thu Nov 13 00:40:39 PST 2014


--- Comment #9 from Heiko Tietze <heiko.tietze at user-prompt.com> ---
(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #0)
> We currently have [Ctrl + plus] to adding a cell and [Ctrl + minus] for
> deleting a cell and i was thinking that we could use Ctrl + Insert for
> insert row, Ctrl + Delete for delete row, Ctrl + Shift + Insert for insert
> column and Ctrl + Shift + Delete for delete column.

Ctrl+Insert is an alternative for Copy (along with Shift+Insert for Paste). And
the question is where you insert the new column/row - left or right. Okay,
right now it's only the col left and the row above which can be added by menu.
My first idea was ctr+left/right/up/down but these shortcuts are used to jump
to the next filled cell (I use it always). And together with Shift it selects
the cells between the current and the next one. Alt+left/right
increases/decreases the col width; we could override this IMHO.
On the other hand, it's in fact dangerous to just press two buttons and loose
all data. If you don't see it immediately the undo function wouldn't help.
Therefore my (non-working) shortcuts do only add cols/rows.
Putting all together I think we should keep the current behavior. If it's
unclear where col/rows should be added/deleted, a dialog is shown (unclear in
terms of only one or a few cell are selected). However when a column or row is
selected the shortcut works immediately as expected. And the new toolbar
buttons makes it very easy to modify the sheet.

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