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--- Comment #4 from A (Andy) <stgohi-lobugs at yahoo.de> ---
(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #2)

> > The rest I personally currently would prefer to keep.  I for instance use
> > very often POSITION AND SIZE, ARRANGE, LINE and AREA from the right mouse
> > click context menu.
> With a large context menu, the distance between your mouse and the context
> menu entry and your mouse and the toolbar button is many times a similar
> distance. (check the attached file to see what i mean :D)
> About line and area, many of the features available in the dialog box are
> available in the toolbar, which means that you have easy access to these
> options without opening the dialog, which is the primary purpose of the
> toolbar.

I understand it and appreciate your proposal very much, but I am used to it and
for me it is very intuitive and fast.  For instance LINE and AREA belong to a
shape and if I touch a shape I expect it in the context menu, because this
context menu "belongs" to the shape.  Of course, this is subjective and has
nothing to do with measuring distances, because from an objective point of view
if you think of distances, then you are probably right.

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