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--- Comment #5 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to mahfiaz from comment #1)
> I happen to disagree. Modern design language avoids borders wherever
> possible so for quite a lot of people it would cause a lot of unnecessary
> work. If problem is that chart cannot be distinguished (IMO not a problem),
> inside text, then maybe adding some display-only clues would be an option.

Yes display-only clues similar to when we still see the cell borders of a table
when the borders are turned off would assist to know where its borders are when
editing, but wouldnt help when a document is printed.

(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #2)
> As with any other graphic, insertion into a document should depend on the
> styling used in the document, and preferably not as picked-up from layout of
> the graphic/image. Defaulting the Chart OLE to show a border--when it is not
> otherwise needed becomes a nuisance to efficient layout.

Charts in Calc do not have styles and when a user wants to place a border
around a chart, he wouldnt be placing it around the OLE, he would be doing it
around the chart, similar to him changing the background color of the chart.

> Otherwise, as with having to externally edit other graphic/image types, you
> would have to reenter the OLE  Chart object and turn the border off.

This is no different than a person who wants it on, to have to insert the
chart, reenter the chart and turn the border on.

(In reply to Adolfo Jayme from comment #4)
> I disagree as well. If the motivation behind this suggestion is alleged low
> visibility in the canvas, well, let’s change the canvas, without affecting
> printing and export. (But I don’t really think it’s an issue.)

How would you suggest changing the canvas?

> Also, other
> office suites do not add a random border to charts by default.

Here are office suites which place the border on by default - Gnumeric, MS
Office, iWork, Google Docs, Quattro Pro, FreeOffice/Softmaker Office

> I’ll go ahead and mark this WONTFIX, taking into account mahfiaz’s,
> vsfoote’s and Owen’s comments.

Had already added it to the design PAD for discussion, so we'll just leave it
to be fully resolved there.

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