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Screenshot: Autofilter-button remains  if header is moved

I've noticed with the current master (f8976c4) the clicked autofilter button
remains sometimes after the header is moved, see screenshot. This does not
happen with version

How to reproduce:
1. At least 3 Columns, in the middle an empty one, see screenshot.
2. Add autofilter on first column
3. Sort asc and desc with autofilter.
4a. The clicked button remains sometimes.
4b. Repeat step 3 if problem does not occur.

I think this behaviour is not a cause of this bug report, it just a new
secondary effect of moving autofilter buttons.

This behaviour appears also if the proposed solution of comment 13 is applied.

Thus, I propose to submit a patch to gerrit for review, as proposed in comment
13. This patch is probably not the final solution, but it is a big improvement.
The user decision of having a header or not is respected. It will be far better
than the current behaviour.

If this small patch would be committed, another bug report could be written for
the GUI update problem. This GUI issue could be solved independently.

Do you agree with my proposition?

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