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--- Comment #2 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
Mirek provided the following links as good resources to understanding the MSO
document themes.



He also stated in an email to me and others, "Microsoft's specs look pretty
good -- I'm hoping ODF will more or less stick to them. (I'm a bit worried
about feature creep here.)

The nice thing about themes is that the different aspects are relatively
separate, so it seems to me that they could be implemented gradually. I'd
suggest starting with theme fonts -- those seem easier to implement than the
other aspects and relatively high-impact if the UX is thought-out well.
(Generally, fonts should never be hard-coded.) Presentation themes would have a
higher impact, but they're much more complex.

As an aside, it'd be good to sit down and decide on the purpose of each major
UI element in LibreOffice, weeding out unnecessary interfaces that only add
bloat. Adding themes to the mix will require some major changes to existing UI
elements and, in the interest of maintainability, consistency,
discoverabillity, and less work, it's imperative that the UI is streamlined and
focused before adding major features. (Here, I'd suggest taking inspiration
from iWork's UI.)"

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