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--- Comment #21 from info at scito.ch ---
Proposition for new behaviour:

1. If there is a header row (detect with pDBData->HasHeader())
    * do not sort the first row (aSortParam.bHasHeader = true)
2. else if there is no header row
    * first row will be sorted too (aSortParam.bHasHeader = false), but
autofilter buttons should stay at the first row

Currently, the autofilter buttons will be moved too, if there is no header row.
In large files, the autofilter buttons disappear somewhere in the sheet. This
is not good.

In the second case (no header row), I propose to change the code as follows
a. Remove autofilter buttons
b. Sort rows
c. Add autofilter buttons again to the new first row.

I think this would be the correct solution. It would meet the expectations of
the users.

What do you think about my proposition?
Is moving of the first row necessary? (comment 13)
How can autofilter buttons be removed/added in a correct way?

Additionally, I propose to enhance the Test::testAutofilter() in ucalc.cxx:
1. non-string column headers (empty cells and numbers)
2. with and without header row

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