[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 70759] Writer: Apply Style toolbar "Clear formatting" action does not clear the formatting but sets style "text body"

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Tue Apr 14 00:37:54 PDT 2015


--- Comment #8 from Patrik <patrik.marxer at gmail.com> ---
I am very glad, that this feature got re-implemented. Removing formatting got
really annoying since someone decided that it should mean "remove paragraph

Keep it as it is now, by all means. Because:

1) The feature as it is now does what the equivalent in Word "Remove
Formatting" achieves.
2) Pasting text and then removing foreign formatting is a very common use-case.
Especially as the "Paste Special > Unformatted Text" feature in LO is not
always presented (even though text in clipboard has formatting).

Keep it. And if I may suggest: allow users to have a keyboard short-cut. Now it
seems only accessible from the menu.

The workaround that I use now is to have keyboard shortcuts for:
- "clear direct formatting"
- "remove direct character formats"
- "apply default character style"
- "apply default paragraph style"

Which does remove *all* formatting. However I have to press 4 buttons (or write
a Macro, which crashes LO at the moment).

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