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--- Comment #2 from Tomaz Vajngerl <quikee at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #1)
> Totally agree with you that it to complex for the average user and is geared
> towards the power/advanced user. 

Which is already a problem - as we should encourage average users to use

> One of the biggest problems i see with it
> is that it doesnt list both paragraph and character styles in the same view,
> which does cause quite a bit of hassle (recently happened with joel). 

> Didnt know drag & drop was possible, thanks. :D
I dragged and dropped in hierarchy view by mistake many times which screwed up
my styles a lot.

> It is somewhat context aware, as the list switches from paragraph styles to
> frame styles when you click on an image. But then writer doesnt have shape
> styles which impress does.

OK, it is not context aware enough. :)

It doesn't have shape styles but does have shapes. I think there is a bug about
this already.

> Dont think that adding the functionality into a dialog will reduce the
> complexity of styles.

I think all the managing of the styles should go into a modal dialog, where you
can rearrange and modify the styles however you like, and can't screw up the
style hierarchy so easily. As for the sidebar we need to come up with an
alternative, where only a relevant list of styles is shown (and stuff like drag
and drop is not possible). Either that or we move them to the right places in
the properties section.

> This would only be applicable to writer, as calc has cell styles and
> impress/draw have graphic styles. There is a bug report for it (bug 73071).

Sure, I just looked at writer - but in general the same applies for calc,
impress and draw. 

> I assume if we bundle more image styles that people can choose from, then it
> maybe useful to have it in the image properties section.

Which would only make sense... our bundled defaults are really poor. 

> We dont have a dedicated numbering properties section and we do have easy
> numbering options, so i'm not sure how often numbering styles are used.

If there is no numbering properties section, we can add it in the sidebar at
the place where other options are available (additional pop-up).

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