[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 88371] Proposal for Expanding Headers in Navigator with Double-Clicks

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--- Comment #6 from Neutrino <neutrino_sunset at hotmail.com> ---
Current handling of clicks and double clicks in the Navigator tree could be

1. Single clicking in the Navigator does nothing at all. Why? The obvious role
of the Navigator is to permit navigating to selected elements, so why should
single left clicking do nothing at all and I have to double click to get it to
do anything at all?

2. Double clicking entries both navigates to them but also expands/collapses
them. So after manually opening all the top level chapter nodes every time I
navigate to a new chapter it closes again, forcing me to re-expand it every

3. The "Heading Levels Shown" feature doesn't seem to be as useful as an
alternative "Heading Levels Expanded" feature. If I open a document with thirty
odd chapters in it the entire navigation tree is inially fully collapsed and I
have to manually expand every single chapter to get a basic overview of the
document. In this situation "Heading Levels Shown" does nothing useful. A
"Heading Levels Expanded" option which I could set to automatically expand the
number of heading levels specified would be a Godsend. (Naturally it should
remember its configuration on closing the Writer).


Word in MS Office 2010 had the best navigator. Just copy how that works and you
can't go wrong.

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