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toolbar docked in sidebar area

(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #18)
> Please see Laurent's work on bug 91806 for just how "customizable" (and
> receptive to Macro/Extension development) the Sidebar structure actually is.

Looking at the bug description Laurent gave, the API will allow a programmable
means of manipulating various aspects of the sidebar, like hiding the navigator
tab button, moving the styles and formatting tab button above properties tab
button, changing the title bar label of the properties tab deck, hide the
character content panel in the properties tab deck, etc. but as Maxim stated in
comment 16, "it would be impossible to customize predefined panels".

(In reply to Jean-Baptiste Faure from comment #19)
> Because the main utility of the sidebar is to allow to not use toolbars and
> then save room on the screen for the working area.

The sidebar's main utility isnt to eliminate all toolbars, but the properties
tab deck is to be an alternative to contextual toolbars, as contextual toolbars
were popping up and disappearing constantly in different locations and were
altering a document's view area.

(In reply to orion from comment #21)
> Yes, I can do that *once*, and then I have to leave it there, taking up
> space in my field of view. What I *can't* do is bring it up and dismiss it
> at will without it pushing my screen up, down, left, or right. 

Yes it may take up space, for example to the right of the standard toolbar, but
it doesnt take up space that your document was taking, so it isnt taking up
your field of view. But if you wanted to bring up and dismiss toolbars, you
have full screenmode (ctrl+shift+j).

> It's almost possible now (see my attachment). All we need is a verticle
> separator instead of a horizontal one, and the ability to dock it with more
> than one column of buttons. 

Yes, as Maxim stated, it would be possible to create a new tab deck which could
contain user customizable buttons that were possible to insert into toolbars,
but this wouldnt permit the addition of buttons and controls found exclusively
in the sidebar (e.g. 'above paragraph spacing' textbox in the paragraph panel
of properties tab deck).

> And many of us are asking for it to be redesigned or to add a separate
> function that would allow us to do something not conceived of (or not
> pursued) by its designers. That's the point of a suggestion/request.

It would be impossible to add this functionality into the properties tab deck,
as that deck is contextually sensitive, but adding as an independent new tab
would be reasonable.

If the intent of this enhancement is still according to JBF's description of
being "able to dock the toolbars below or above the navigator", then i would
suggest that toolbars be able to be docked above or below the sidebar's main
interface, similar to how it is possible to dock a toolbar to various sides of
the UI (see attached mockup). GIMP and other apps provide a similar facility of
docking multiple stacked controls on their right side panel. (
https://bartoszstyperek.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/gimp28.jpg )

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