[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 87686] UI: Unwanted Entry and Key field repopulation behavior in Insert Index Entry dialog box when it loses and regains focus.

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--- Comment #7 from MartinPC <PeterCraigMartin+LO at Gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Yousuf (Jay) Philips from comment #6)
> Similar to qubit, after regaining focus to the insert index entry dialog in
> step 7, the 1st key field is blank, but different than qubit, step 14 did
> have 'Single-Payer' and 'National'.
> It would be good to get ux-advise on how this non-modal dialog should react
> after it regains focus. I tested the hyperlink dialog and it doesnt react
> like this. Once the hyperlink dialog is open, only when you reselect text in
> the document does the text in the 'Text' field autoupdate without the dialog
> regaining refocus.

I really appreciate your follow-up on this.

In my view, no manual changes to an Insert Index Entry dialog should be
discarded until the user clicks Insert or Cancel or Close. (Cancel would have
to be a new button.)

There are certainly more functionalities that could be added to the dialog --
for example, settings that allow the user to choose default field population
behavior (blank, static/previous, auto), and controls for quickly manipulating
individual field contents in individual entries (blank, previous, auto, undo,
redo) -- but these ideas are best submitted as a feature or enhancement
request. I haven't thought it through, nor have I studied other indexing
systems, but there may be a good case for combining the Insert Index Entry and
Edit Index Entry dialogs in a single dialog. 

The important thing for now is to stop discarding manually entered indexing
data just because the dialog box has lost and regained focus before the entry
is inserted. Leaving the dialog box temporarily to double-check or copy
something happens *all the time* when you're indexing.

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