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--- Comment #4 from Bastián Díaz <diaz.bastian at openmailbox.org> ---
(In reply to Yousuf (Jay) Philips from comment #3)
> As part of bug 89466, 'Display Objects from Master' and 'Display Background
> from Master' checkboxes are coming to the sidebar. 

Yes. It's the same central idea, which I think is a duplicate bug report.

About the associate
> problem you mentioned, i believe master view is for positioning of the
> various master elements and normal view is for where they can be modified.

Yes. I agree and I think there is a problem. According to their logic normal
view is to modify the elements, but the "date", "Footer" and "page number" can
not be formatted in the normal view.

- If I need to change for these three elements I use styles (modifies the three
elements with the same characteristics).
- If I need a font size, font color or and different font per elemento, I have
to modify the master view (the changes are made for all slides occupy the
master page).
- I can not enter text or custom fields from normal view. Eg footer can be used
to describe bibliographic sources legend image, diagram, chart, subtitle, etc.
(can be done from "Insert|Header and Footer" entering text per slide, but is

Other office suits, show these objects (date, footer, and page number) as
another placeholder, which delivers more dynamism to the user to use these


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