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Robinson Tryon (qubit) <qubit at runcibility.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Robinson Tryon (qubit) <qubit at runcibility.com> ---
(In reply to James A. Schulz from comment #2)
> Yes, I included the code from the macro that worked in 4.2.
> >

Okay, so there's some regression/functionality change going on here.

> > The problem is that the various actions under Navigator need to be
> > regularized.
> >
> > I tried remaking the macro, given the Navigator in 4.4.  There are two sets
> > actions that do what I want, i.e. put the top of the next (or previous) page
> > at the top of the viewport, but only one of these sets works in a macro.
> > The first set is visible in the Navigator in the sidebar.  Their hints are
> > "Next page" and "Previous page"  I really don't know how to describe their
> > icons, but they're located between the top (horizontal) row between the
> > little navigator star and the increment/decrement textbox.  They do what I
> > want when I click on them, but they do not work in a macro.  However, if
> > instead of using these two buttons, I click on the little navigator icon
> > (four pointed star) just to their left (not the larger one on the far right
> > of the sidebar), that pops up a small dialog showing two rows of icons.
> > Those on the far right of each row (an up arrow and a down arrow) have the
> > same hints as previously, and they do the same actions (i.e. the ones I
> > want) and they are recorded in a macro.  So that's good, but it was a
> > needless nuisance to work out.

Okay, it sounds like
1) Functionality changed but wasn't clearly documented (?)
2) You did find a workaround, but it took a bit of digging

> > That's why I have recommended in the past and I do so again that if you
> > would simply add the kind of pgdn and pgup actions I prefer (again, those
> > that put the top of the next or previous page at the top of the view port)
> > in the list of Navigator functions in the Customize window so that I could
> > assign them to the appropriate keys without using a macro.

Hmmm, so this part sounds like an enhancement request. As the other part sounds
like you've mostly resolved it, I'm going to hand this bug over to ux-advise
and see if they have thoughts re: adding this capability.

Component -> ux-advise
Status -> NEW
severity -> enhancement

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