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--- Comment #2 from Adolfo Jayme <fito at libreoffice.org> ---
This one needs a complete design specification… Let’s start by creating a
whiteboard in the wiki, so that you can flesh out all of your ideas, add images
etc. That would be more suitable than this Bugzilla ticket—Bugzilla is really
for more focused. When you create that page, be verbose and say what are the
current problems, how can be solved, and what are the expectations and the
limits. The reason why I’m asking you to create a whiteboard is that you are a
writer and know more about writing software than us, so reading that will give
us a perspective and lead to a better understanding of your proposal.

So start here https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Design/Whiteboards and join
our Design mailing list: design at global.libreoffice.org

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

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