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Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
Hi Cor,

So glad you got to see this one. :D

(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #1)
> The only reason I could think of, is that when browsing through the
> document, you don't need to leave the Navigator - all is there.

Yes i thought that might be a reason but noticed that the buttons do nothing if
you are on a page with no header or footer and also that headers and footers
dont change that frequently in a document, so there isnt a need to jump to them
that often.

> Promote/demote chapter are a different type of action than Promote/demote
> chapter. So I never found it strange or disturbing to have them a two rows.
> But changing wouldn't hurt me probably.

I noticed that Word also had it across two lines, though the promote/demote
level buttons had a combobox between them to easy promote/demote to another
level as well as buttons to promote it to the highest level and lowest level. I
think these additional controls maybe useful to be added as well.

Another reason to put them all on the same row was that they all get disabled
when you are not in headings, so it would be easier to ignore the entire line
of icons as they would all be disabled.

> I don't understand what you mean with " highlight the two navigator views"
> Also when all categories are shown, it still functions the same (only that
> drag and drop is not possible and that the position in the Navigator doesn't
> follow the cursor position in the document)

Was just stating that this feature needs a bit more focus so users may more
likely try it if they didnt already know about it.

> What do you mean with "show navigator category 'Headings'" That one you
> refer to in you #2?  
> It's also in non-Content view possible to double click a heading to jump to
> it..

I had initially thought that Content View was exclusive to only Headings, so i
thought it could be removed if that was the case, but i see now that it can be
done for any of the navigator categories. As this is the case, it might be
better to replace the content view button with a combobox that would have the
list content entries in it.

(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #2)
> By the way: is it your intention to make the Navigator in the Side bad
> different than that one floating free ?

They are identical now, so i dont think there is a reason to change make them
different if they are sharing the same code.

By the way, i couldnt understand what the buttons labeled toggle, drag mode,
set reminder, and anchor<->text.

I've also filed a bug to improve the page number control (bug 89553).

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