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--- Comment #7 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
@Jay,(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #6)
> Have to disagree with you Stuart that <Ctrl>+M.scrollwheel should zoom
> centered on mouse pointer for Writer and Calc, as this isnt the norm for
> document-type applications like word processor and web browsers.

Hmm, LibreOffice is an integrated suite of office applications--we have all the
latitude needed to change paradigms to suit UX needs of the suite. We are not
bound by what other programs have done. The various HIG are stressing simpler
UI--normalizing <Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel to follow mouse pointer as default across
the suite simplifies the UX (and I suspect would clean up the code).

Do you think it is correct now? Hardly... 
How do Calc or Writer, or Math for that matter zoom with m.scrollwheel at this
point? What is the focus behavior? Any consistentcy? Nope... 


1.) Calc:  open new document, select cell J20

<Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel zooms anchored upper left -- the cell with focus zooms
right out of screen.  Expand the J20 cell and insert an image into the cell.
Select the cell--can you zoom to it? Select the image--can you zoom to it?
Where is zoom focus?

2.) Math: use the examples "f ( x ) = {1} over {%sigma sqrt{2%pi}
}e^-{{(x-%mu)^2} over {2%sigma^2}}" and "f ( x ) = sum from { { i = 0 } } to {
infinity } { {f^{(i)}(0)} over {i!} x^i}" in normal mode, or w/Experimental
features enabled. Get a long and tall equation.

<Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel zooms formula left aligned, on a complex multisection
formula, selection of a formula element can not be isolated and zoomed to.

3.) Writer: open new document, insert an image any flavor. Insert drawing
graphics circle, square and a shape (the Sun is nice). Type a row of text and
set it aligned right. 

Place cursor at start of line of text, <Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel follows the text
cursor. Now select the image, <Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel zooms in an out centering on
the image object.  Select one of the shapes, <Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel zooms where?
It ignores the selected object and zooms the page.  Now insert a table 3x3.
Position cursor into the R3C3 cell. <Ctrl>+m.scrollwheel zoom--it follows the
active cursor.  So thats text objects, images and table cells that
m.scrollwheel follows, but graphic objects do not.

Point is there is no reason in HIG for these widgets not to use consistent and
simplified UI--we can do what makes sense.

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