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--- Comment #3 from A (Andy) <stgohi-lobugs at yahoo.de> ---
Reproducible with LO, Win 8.1

It sounds reasonable that if you change/edit the Indexes and Tables that the
title of the corresponding dialogue box does not show again "Insert".  But I
don't know if there are maybe any reasons for this?

Maybe, "Insert" is not at all necessary?  If you insert for instance Fields
(INSERT -> FIELDS -> MORE FIELDS) or Hyperlinks (INSERT -> HYPERLINK) then you
have also no naming with "Insert".  But you can also edit these fields and in
case of Fields the context menu shows "Fields" and title of the dialogue box
shows "Edit Fields" and in case of Hyperlinks the context menu shows "Edit
Hyperlink" and the title of the dialogue box shows only "Hyperlink".

@Cor: Would you be against a confirmation of this enhancement proposal?

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