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--- Comment #14 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #13)
> I agree with *1-4 but *5, split button, might be confusing since it works as
> Accept/Reject (selected) by default. The function would be the same as for
> the split option if all items are selected 

Without the split button, a user would have to right-click, click select all,
then click the accept all button. This is with the assumption that they already
know that their is right-click context menu. Having it as a split button, just
gives users another means of achieving the same thing and is easily noticeable.

> Split buttons are good for clear alternatives but with a default in more
> than 80% (arbitrary number taken from the pareto rule). And I'd say
> Accept/Accept All has a 50/50 distribution.

There are normally two types of split buttons and one of them is to provide
additional options of the same function that is put as the main button of the
split button. An example of this is the paste button, where the drop down gives
more options of pasting.

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