[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 93854] Cannot understand relationships between numbers by looking at the chart (usability)

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--- Comment #3 from Heiko Tietze <heiko.tietze at user-prompt.com> ---
I'm not sure to understand your request right. Is it to have more statistical
features or do you want better graphics? LibO has some wizards to support
statistics (Menu: Data > Statistics), and of course you can do any math
yourself, and provides a lot of options to tweak graphics. Although both have
room for improvements I think real statistics shouldn't be done with a
spreadsheet tool.

Regarding your second question: There is some work ongoing (and almost
finished) to make editing of charts easier. First of all the most relevant
options will be available from the sidebar. In the current release you have to
right click the chart and select 'Insert/Delete Axis' in order to add a
secondary x axis. 

You should be very carefully with this feature since different y axis might be
known but not x. And these features are rather a way to 'obfuscate' the
information since normal people are not used to read those graphics right.

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