[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 94349] Add italics to Quotations paragraph style

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--- Comment #1 from Adolfo Jayme <fito at libreoffice.org> ---
The following is a braindump, apologies in advance:

The usage of italics for whole paragraphs is proscribed by some
English-language style guides (writing this from memory, don’t ask me which
ones) and, given my academic experience, could even be forbidden if not for a
couple of foreign words. Also, this styling depends on the customs of each
culture and the set of standards that each language may have. On the other
hand, there are opinions of typographers that italics could be less readable
than upright when used extensibly rather than sporadically (for emphasizing
effect). Given that the intent of this bug is achieving uniformity and
consistency among the built-in styles, wouldn’t be better if we remove the
italics from the Quotation style by default? That way, the user can add it back
if needed.

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