[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 96679] Need UNO commands for all font effects

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Cor Nouws <cno at nouenoff.nl> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|REOPENED                    |NEEDINFO
            Version| release             |Inherited From OOo
            Summary|Add Ability to Assign       |Need UNO commands for all
                   |Keyboard Shortcuts for All  |font effects
                   |Font Effects                |

--- Comment #9 from Cor Nouws <cno at nouenoff.nl> ---

As I wrote: it is possible already now.
But indeed, you need to perform two steps: create a character style and assign
that to a short cut. (Macro's linked to a short cut would work too.)
I think for someone making heavily use of these settings that would be doable?

Nevertheless, when I closed this as WorksForMe, I wrote (implicitly) that I'm
willing to look at further proposals. It might of course be that I missed
Looking at comment #1 and the Format>Character menu in 5.1.x, one can see that
Outline and Shadow are already available.
So I'm always a great fan of asking people enough explanation and examples, use
cases before setting something to new. There are enough orphan issues and ideas
probably. So I don't like to award half baken ideas with a enhancement status. 
Apologies if that might be to strict :)

Of course the idea to create separate UNO commands - if needed - for additional
font effects would make it easier for people to assign shortcuts.
Recording a simple macro to set the effect Embossed, shows uno:CharacterRelief. 
So maybe all effects are already available?

If the user that came up with the wish could be so kind to check that, it would
be helpful.

Changing summary from "Add Ability to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts for All Font
Effects" to "Need UNO commands for all font effects"

Since there are questions, I set this to NeedInfo for now.

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