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--- Comment #8 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
--"Make it more obvious that a font has been substituted"--as in the summary
was done for LibreOffice for the 4.1 release (fixed for bug 50189). The only
remaining work was to adjust the onmouseover tooltip to indicate the actual
substitution font that is being applied. That is bug 61134.

(In reply to kellnerp at earthlink.net from comment #5)
> I am accustomed to the font drop down list to either show the actual font
> displayed or nothing to indicate the program can't figure out what is going
> on.
> I am not sure I would associate a font listed in italics with a
> substitution. And in any case the substituted font was not indicated at all.
> The original font was always indicated. This is shown in the screen shots.

Sorry for the confusion, but that is correct behavior, the Fontlist dropdown
reflects the style applied to the document--but with an indication (itallic and
tooltip) that font substitution was made for fonts not present on the system.

Fonts that are named in a style, that have been substituted, are still as named
in the style. You would not want to change a style unilaterally when only
reviewing a file. Especially as we now provide support to embed fonts with
documents. Rather if you are editing a document, you would need to implicitly
select and apply a different style (now previewed in the dropdown list or the
Sidebar deck). Or select and modify the style from the Sidebar and apply it
globally--changing the font that way.

If you think about it it makes sense, dealing with named styles--an ODF or
OOXML document imported with a style including named fonts--displaying with
alternate font substitution is benign. It may mangle the display, but the
document structure (its style) remains intact until implicitly changed.

Really wanted to say it is a RTFM issue--but just spent a moment hunting for it
in the release notes and can't find that this neat feature actually got covered
when introduced at 4.1

But, Heiko's correct, if possible, suspect that adding a suitable icon to the
drop down list in addition to italicized font name would be reasonable.

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