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The workflow that brought this to light was that the file was created in AOO on
one machine and opened from the cloud on another machine which had just had a
fresh install of Trusty Tahr. So the font needed was not there and LO4.2.8 is
the default install. The file was opened in a rush just to print it.

So embedding fonts was not a possibility nor can it be expected when opening
legacy documents or those written by other software. 
This was file interchange so the expectation that a nifty feature in one
program is present and used in another is not really valid.

I still have no idea what font was actually used as a substitute. The machine
with a fresh OS install had the latest version of LO installed the next day and
now displays the file more or less correctly.

The obvious solution to me is that when opening a file where a font cannot be
provided locally where needed, a popup should appear with a message like:

Danger Will Robinson, the necessary fonts are not present on this machine to
display it as last saved and a substitution will take place. Please install
font(s) xxx to guarantee the documents formatting remains as intended.

In addition, the nifty feature that isn't there is something like DOM inspector
in Firefox. Like I said, I still have no idea what font was actually

If you really want the user to be aware of a problem of this type, a red
background in the fontlist and maybe a star next to styles in the style manager
where there is an unfulfilled requirement (like different fonts used in
different styles.)

I use a number of Asian fonts and especially with Chinese, expecting the right
font to be on another machine is a bad assumption. I may be making the
migration to LO soon for that reason if the problem with Impress is solved.

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