[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 96988] The place to set the language for the document is ridiculously undiscoverable

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--- Comment #9 from Francisco <franciscoadriansanchez at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to teo8976 from comment #8)
> > Existing sheets with cells otherwise formatted with language settings
> > --must explicitly be reformatted.
> Yes, that's expected behavior. If a cell has been already applied a format
> with a language, it's expected that you have to explicitly reformat it to
> change that.
> I'm talking about "virgin" cells, cells that haven't yet been touched.
> > the "Locale setting" also has to be adjusted to have language 
> > attributes of new (or existing but not formatted from default) 
> > sheets of cells changed.
> THAT'S THE ISSUE which I reported in bug 96990 (I'm not sure it was a good
> idea to mark it as duplicate): you shouldn't have to. Let's say I have all
> my default in English, and now I start a document in Spanish. I have to be
> able to go to ONE place, set Spanish as the document language (and it should
> be cristal clear that I'm setting a language for the DOCUMENT), and starting
> from now, whenever I select one or more cell and go to "Format cells", the
> language that appears on the right in your screenshot should by default be
> Spanish (then you can change it to whatever you want for individual cells).
> I shouldn't be supposed to change the document language AND the locale
> settings. 
> Also it is unclear whether the locale settings will then be remembered for
> future documents or not.
> See point (2) in my comment 2 to issue 96990
> The overall current situation is that managing the language is a mess, the
> UI and menus are ambiguous and it's difficult to figure out what you need to
> change and what will affect what. You shouldn't have to read a whole manual
> to figure out how to start out a new document where everything is by default
> in language X.

I disagree, as a user I think it's OK as it is. Moreover, an approach of
setting the language of the entirety document in one place wouldn't allow one
to have paragraphs or words with different languages. Maybe it's not that
common, but there're situations where it's useful. 
Maybe, there should be a global option which changes the language of the
default style, but I'm not that sure.

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