[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 95357] TRACK CHANGES: Change tracking movement/ action are inconsistent for replacements

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Mon Jul 4 16:57:04 UTC 2016


--- Comment #8 from kalirren at gmail.com ---
In general, where should we give comments to UX?

As a user, I think it would be best to not have any special case for
"replacements" as a type of change. I think this important because users will
vary in how they replace text in different situations (e.g., some will have
insertions before the deletions, some will have deletions before the
insertions, some will have insertions, deletions, and more insertions again.)

Please treat every insertion and deletion as a separate change, and move
between them sequentially.  I don't mind clicking "accept"/"reject" twice for
each replacement; I do mind if I cannot trust which part of the document I am
accepting or rejecting in cases where multiple replacements are concatenated. I
also mind if I start at the beginning of a document, accept and reject changes
to the end of the document, and discover I have not accepted/rejected every
proposed change.

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