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--- Comment #3 from Andreas B. <andreas_b123 at bluewin.ch> ---

(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #2)
> #1: I don't understand the use case.

If you would like LibreOffice Draw as design tool, this is a common case.

e.g. here a blog entry, how it works with scribus:

here an example for Adobe Illustrator

I think this a common case, e.g. for creating a photo page with labels (flyer).

> #2: Lines can have a shadow. You can also copy/paste and adjust the position
> by the cursor keys. A raster is achieved much easier, read
> https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Grid for more info.

Here is no option to split a page into 3 columns with a space.

And the last point:
If a snap line is inserted, by default nothing snaps to the line.
=> In my opinion, this is useless for a standard user

And the default 5px snap range is on a high DPI monitor, like a MacBook with
more than 200ppi, a lot to small!
May be this should be scaled on high DPI monitors?

Example: 1px is 1/200 in = 0.005 in = 0.127mm.

5px are 0.635mm, nearly nothing...

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